Our Approach

In collaboration with the fashion houses overseas, our Design team works on Research and Development throughout the year. The design team creates swatches based on the current market trends and fashion forecast. It is an ongoing process from sampling to production.


The designs are then converted into artwork on tracing sheet, commonly called as "Khaka". It is then transformed onto the fabric for embroidery process.


According to the client requirements swatches are created for the upcoming season following the trend, colours and fabrics. Various embroidery techniques are incurred in the process. Pariskrta also has its own R&D wing.

Production & Handling

Pariskrta ensures a high standard for quality and efficient time management in the course of production. We handle upto 30,000 hours of production per month. Quality control and checking department ensures every piece is impeccable. We follow the norms(REACH,AZO) for materials and fabric sourcing. We practice fair trade.

Pariskrta facility has been audited for Workplace Conditions Assessment(WCA) by Intertek, who is a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide.